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Edgewood Corner Tavern was lusty lucky enough to participate in the Atlanta Ballet Seven Deadly Sins Bar Crawl.

The Crawl was a success !! Edgewood Ave was a bustling hub o’ fun but it didn’t stop there for us.

Several of us Tavernites got to go see Carmina Burana on Friday.  For most of us it was our first time at the Ballet and we were blown away.

The dancing, the orchestra, the singing**..I don’t have the words.  Just Incredible !! and there isn’t a bad seat at the Cobb Energy Center.

**Live with the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra and Georgia State University Singers

Highlights of the Evening:

We had a driver..so the whole group crammed in my car & sake’d and sochu’d our way there.

We sat next to the choreographer , David Bintley !!

Champagne and Hot Pretzels at Intermission.

Everyone was dressed amazing !!

Energy Level was UP after performance so we headed to West Midtown Corner Tavern to cap off our fun evening.

Thank you Atlanta Ballet  !! We feel fancy and enlightened by our experience !!

Can’t wait for the next performance.