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This crazy Atlanta weather had us shaking in our bacon about being out in the rain ,really the lightening, for Baconfest 2014.

I guess since Mike’s arm is in a sling ~We whishy washed ourselves into a tizzy & decided not to make our planned Peanut Soup with Smoked Pork Butt and Bacon Dust.

So what do I do~besides feeling so bummed about all our Baconfest plans ~ I stay up til 3 am with some old time Huntsville buddies (which was a surprise and super fun)

ONLY to wake up to NO RAIN.


So we pull Baconatrix out of bed…

We load up our Strips of Shame…

I grab every NEW Bacon Flavored Ritz Cracker &  Easy Cheese Can on this side of town and head to it.



Corner Tavern Presents Baconatrix and her Bacon Spankins

& a special thanks to Jerry D’Alesio for creating the Strips of Shame Punishment Stand 😉



Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 5.28.29 PM



More Instagram Video Here.


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Somewhere out there, there is a picture of Baconatrix breaking her paddle of raw bacon !!

Look at that form !!




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