Order Pickup from Hapeville

Chef Chris Sheehy will be rolling out his new entrees and other menu items very soon…in as soon as I can finish typing it up and get to printers.  I’m on it, I swear. (update; it’s at the printers~menu starts Aug 3rd)

We got to try ALL of them today. We all agree Chef Chris & his crew have lost their minds.  Bacon Au Jus ??  Potato Artichoke Hash ??  Our kind of crazy.  #CornerTavernFoodRules

Here’s a few things we ate too fast before I could get pics.

Pickled green tomato salad, with pickled green tomatoes, red peppers, red onions over spring mix with goat cheese.
Banh mi style shrimp poboy with 6 shrimp fried or grilled, Korean BBQ, cilantro, rice wine pickled cucumbers, onion, radish and carrot
SmokeHouse Stack  tavern burger with cheddar cheese, smoked pork, BBQ sauce and pickled green tomato and sweet red pepper.

Ok we calmed down & I finally took some pics.


Spinach & Superfood salad with dried cranberries, goat cheese, cucumbers, toasted almonds and red onions


Balsamic glazed steak, served with potato artichoke hash, sauteed spinach and goat cheese


Smoked pork, onions and red peppers over jalapeno cheese grits with bacon au jus . Ahhhmazing.


Maple glazed wild salmon with sweet potatoes and snap peas sautéed in brown butter and sage


Sesame organic soba noodle stir fry with organic gluten free soy, kale, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chicory and red pepper.