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Have you had this conversation ?

“Let’s go get sushi.”


“Let’s get Mexican tonight.”


“Let’s just go to the Tavern”

“Yea, OK”

LOL me too.  All the time.

We are just a bar, lookin to hang in the best neighborhoods ATL has to offer with some cool casual people.



Check it out on Instagram or Facebook.  Here’s a peak below.

edge sub

Edgewood Corner Tavern

edge brunch

Edgewood Brunch

edge tapas

Edgewood $4 Tapas Wednesdays

WMCT Tapas

West Midtown’s $4 Tapas

wmct Brunch

West Midtown’s Brunch



East Point Crab Leg Fridays

bread puddding

East Point’s Mel’s BBQ Thursdays
White chocolate bread pudding topped with chantilly whipped cream and a Jack Daniels caramel


East Point Mel’s BBQ Thursdays