Order Pickup from Hapeville

This was our 7th year at Baconfest & once again Corner Tavern had the best, raunchiest time.

We love being a part of this fundraiser for Dad’s Garage  !!

We served up a Latin dish of Salchipapas:  Loaded Fries, with Fried Hot Dogs, Crushed Potato Chips, Jack Cheese, Bacon, Salsa de Pińa, Cilantro Garlic Aoili & Fancy Sauce.  And Sizzling Watermelon Bacon:  Fresh Cut Watermelon, Bacon Vinaigrette, Bacon Bits and Watermelon Pop Rocks.

We had 2 Baconatrixes this year dishing out their love taps* via a raw bacon paddle.

Did you get a bacon spankin this year ?

Click here for more photos.

Its not a love tap.* #baconatrix #baconspanked #baconatrix #baconspankin #baconfest #bacon